Train the team you have. Hire the team you need.

Lincoln Tech’s WorkforceLinc helps build teams of industry-leading technicians. Through technician recruitment, curriculum customized to your unique needs, and expert instruction, our programs can address any recruitment and training need your group may have.

What We Do


Let us provide a steady supply of new talent for your team with pre-screened candidates hand-selected to meet your specific needs.


Does your team have the most up-to-date skills to help your organization succeed? Take advantage of our assessment expertise and tools.


Expand and enhance your team’s skills, including hands-on experience with your technologies.


Help employees qualify for industry certifications that add value to their skill sets.


We believe the future of our economy is dependent on the partnership between education and industry. We are committed to providing the services and solutions that our employer partners will need to grow their workforce and meet the demands of an expanding economy.

Industry Programs

Lincoln Tech’s long history of excellence has given our schools a chance to partner with some of America’s top employers, including: